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Don’t underestimate the power of print. It still has enormous traction. The key is strategic outreach and contacts. At Kilpatrick we’ve been working with the press for over 20 years. We understand the way they work and, most importantly, who their readers are; your potential customers.

Media Relations

Third party recommendations are one of the most effective ways to reach your customer. We understand the power of celebrity and influencer endorsements and will seed your brand to the right people, in the right way and at the right time. We have developed an amazing network of influencers and VIPs that we work with daily, on both an organic and a paid-for basis. These include key opinion leaders, experts, celebrities and early adopters – people that influence and inspire YOUR customer daily.

Influencer Marketing

If you think social media is all about putting nice pictures up online you’re missing a trick. Used properly, social media can make a brand. Indeed, some brands in recent years have launched using only social media and have garnered almost overnight success. Kilpatrick has a brilliant strategic approach and an eye for a great grid. We understand what it takes to generate following and engagement and - most importantly – to gain traction via social media channels. Utilising both organic and paid-for activity across social networks and Google, watch what we can do for your brand.

Social Media

We have a reputation for throwing a great party. But more than that, we are renowned for our creativity, our attention to detail and our ability to stay on budget whether we are organising a party for 200 or dinner for 8. Corporate or personal – a 50th birthday party, a baby shower or a beauty product launch we will create a memorable, stand out event that will live on in people’s memories long after the last guest has left.

Events Management

Web & Shop Design

Whether you’re looking for a fully functioning website or an e-commerce shop to generate global sales, Kilpatrick can deliver the right solution. We are brilliant (and fast) at creating good looking, smooth running, results-generating websites that are easy to find on search engines, simple to use and will take your brand to the next level. Our team can also deliver campaign websites and digital games. Talk to us!

Web & Shop Creation

We are often tasked with creating global communication strategies for our clients. The remit can vary enormously but capabilities and experience cover: creating the strategy piece delivering relevant brand narratives developing local influencer platforms creating global toolkits As part of our role, we often support markets directly on the ground, providing extra executional support or managing partnerships at an international level.

Global Outreach

Whether you’re looking for a set of stunning images for your social media feed or a full scale brand film, Kilpatrick has the right team to deliver high quality content to suit any budget We have experience in creating social media adverts, behind the scenes footage, product & model shoots, Instagram and Facebook live. We’ll source the venue, models, props and even take care of the catering. Stop posting sub standard content on your branded channels and talk to us.

Film & Content Creation

Our audience varies widely so our choice of words and tone of voice is so vitally important. We believe the craft of copywriting is a skill-set that is hugely underestimated in this modern world where the image rules the roost. In order to really talk to your reader (be that a journalist, a blogger, an influencer or a customer) your words shape you, define you and, ultimately, sell you.