Kilpatrick works with UOMA Beauty on the Coming 2 America Collection

Mar 16, 2021

What a privilege it was to work on the latest collection from UOMA Beauty. The disruptive ‘Afropolitan’ makeup brand which was inspired by the cultural heritage of the world’s most racially diverse continent, Africa, released a much anticipated limited-edition makeup collection in collaboration with the film Coming 2 America.

This exclusive edit, Black Magic Coming 2 America Collection, which was inspired by the fictional lush and royal country of Zamunda, showcases African beauty in its most authentic form. The collection, which has a particular focus on the eyes, draws from African royalty from all over the continent. From the Fulani tribe in Nigeria, Niger and Chad to the Ndebele all the way to the ultra-modern and colorful Aso Ebi/Aso Oke culture.

The collection’s breathtaking campaign, which was produced by world-renowned creatives Sir John, Zerina Akers and Trevor Stuurman, and features some of Ruth E. Carter’s original costumes from the film, takes the virtues of nine of the greatest queens of Africa – Amina, Yaa Asantewaa, Kandake Amanirenas, Nefertiti, Makeda, Nzinga Mbande, Nandi, Moremi, and Ranavalona – and distills them into five odes represented as ‘The Black Skinned Beauty’ portraits – Courage, Pride, Heritage, Opulence, and Resilience.  In addition to the opulent and regal royal blues and golds, the bold and vibrant collection pays homage to the film with playful and cheerful neon colours, and uses joyful phrases and classic moments from the movie throughout the products and shade names, such as Peaches & Akeem, Queen to Be, and Zamundan Sun.