Why does your business need its own Instagram Story Stickers?

Graphic Interchange Formats; GIFs. You may have seen them or already be an avid user of them. Created before the world wide web itself in around 1987 they have taken the internet by storm. Markedly inferior to virtually every file format that had followed it, they are a digital version of a flip book. You've probably used at least one in an email chain to communicate a joke words couldn't, in a blog or forum post, in a WhatsApp conversation and we bet you've used them on an Instagram story to jazz it up.

GIFs developed for Flawless Lashes

GIFs developed for Flawless Lashes

The Giphy database has over 1 billion GIFs with 100 million daily users. That is a 5th of the amount of people logging into Instagram everyday. As such this is a relatively untouched marketing tool that brands and businesses should take advantage of. 

Kilpatrick has the capability to not only create these fun continuously looping silent formats, but to convert them into Instagram GIF sticker options. This is a relatively free marketing tool; create GIFs people want to use and you will find your brand on customers and potential customers Instagram stories. For the cost of creating a GIF the potential reach is uncapped. They are also fantastic for an event; creating custom GIFs enabling attendees to spread your message. How cool is that!?

Kilpatrick have been making Instagram GIFs for our clients and one of our favourite examples is Flawless Beauty by Loreta. We created and uploaded more than 26 GIFs that now have over 25 million views. Not only are these used by her hundreds of lash technician trainees around the world, we are seeing them pop up on influencers and big brand stories. 

We recommend creating GIFs not only of your logo for fans to use, but of campaign materials and for events. The possibilities for these fun little formats to go viral is relatively untouched and unheard about! 

Contact us today to design yours and start bringing your Instagram stories to life!